Alexander Mitenev (bandoneon)
December 6'th. 2019
Концерт для бандонеона с оркестром
Сургутская филармония (г. Сургут)
March 6'th. 2020
Танго феерия
Дом культуры "Родина" (г. Южно-Сахалинск)
March 11'th. 2020
Концерт для бандонеона с оркестром
Государственный театр оперы и балета Удмуртской Республики имени П.И. Чайковского (г. Ижевск)
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Tangus Dei

foto: Julia MatveevaTangus Dei is a brand new and unprecedented duo of the bandoneon and organ, confessing each other to a passion for chamber and sacred music. Distantly relative by their typical temper and evolution, bandoneon and organ oh so bound by consonant sonority. Organ inspires the bandoneon to glance back to its intended locale – a church. Bandoneon in return supports organ with its vigour and melancholy.

Natalia Mikhaylova and Alexander Mitenev are true pioneers in their musical way-outs, discovering antique and calling popular masterpieces into a new existence. Giuseppe Sarti and Ennio Morricone, Domenico Cimarosa and Mikael Tariverdiev, Johann Bach and Astor Piazzolla inhabit in peace their concert programs. Follow them in their passion for music and expect to listen in your area soon.


Tangus Dei
Siberian International Organ Festival


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Natalia Mikhaylova (organ)

Natalia MikhaylovaNatalia Mikhaylova was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. She studied organ performance at the Kazan State Conservatory (Prof. R. Abdoullin) and at the Saint-Petersburg State University (Prof. D. Zaretsky). In addition, she has improved her professional skills participating in several Master-classes in Western Europe, including those of Ludger Lohmann, Wolfgang Zerer, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Michel Chapuis, Leo van Doeselaar, Peter Planyavsky, Ben van Oosten and Michael Radulescu.

She is the winner of the International Competition (2007, Bulgaria) and the II Concorso Organistico Internazionale “Premio Elvira Di Renna” (2009, Italy); the II prize winner of The VII J.P. Sweelinck International Organ Music Competition (2009, Poland); the owner of the Diploma and Special prize of the International Competition for Concert Organists (2008, Russia); The personal Prize of Georgiy Boos “Hope of Russia” at The VII Mikael Tariverdiev International Organ Competition (2011, Russia).

Since 2003 Natalia has performed in many cities in Russia, (including Moscow and St. Petersburg) and abroad (Germany, Holland, Italy, Poland, Austria, Switzerland). Сurrently, she is an organ teacher at the Saint-Petersburg State University.

Natalia's website

8 Jul. 2018
Cadenza (for one very popular piece)
Fragment of the concert from my archive.

6 Jul. 2018
Kazan Chamber Orchestra "La Primavera". Conductor: Rustem Abyazov.

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